Welcome to APAO® 2021 Virtual Congress


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Over the years, the Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology (APAO) Congress has grown into the most influential and vibrant event and an exemplary effort in building a fellowship with a shared vision: driving ophthalmology forward in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.

When confronted by COVID-19, we have helped each other and taken on the challenges in solidarity. Never before have the destinies of people in different countries been so closely connected. Keeping up the momentum, this year on 5 – 11 September, we invite you to the first-ever APAO 2021 Virtual Congress to share ideas and expertise, to discover cutting-edge innovations, to advance all-round cooperation, and to build a closer ophthalmic community!

Our unprecedented APAO Virtual Congress will be a seven-day online meeting with a highly-focused Scientific Program chaired by Prof. Charles McGhee, for ophthalmologists and visual scientists to explore new medical technology and other virtual options in the era of pandemic.

The world is undergoing momentous changes unseen in a century. As we embark on a new journey, we look forward to welcoming you on board for a memorable and wonderful virtual experience!

Yours sincerely

Ava Hossain
Congress President 2021

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

In 2020, we were hindered by the global outbreak of COVID-19, and we were not able to have the annual congress last year. However, it could never stop our pursuit of progress in the science and art of ophthalmology. The pandemic may separate us physically from each other, but it can never cut off our connection and our friendship.

This year, being ready and prepared, we rise to the challenge and bring to each of you the first-ever APAO 2021 Virtual Congress on 5 – 11 September. This one-week virtual excursion will be a very rewarding experience for all the attendees; not only will you be enlightened by the intellectual splendour and dazzled by the industrial innovations, but also be welcome to the network of your peers, your mentors, and your future partners.

This year we will also be organising a series of activities to celebrate our 60th Anniversary in 2020. The first APAO Congress was held in 1960 with the goal of fostering closer relations among ophthalmologists and ophthalmology societies to remove the barriers to ophthalmic education and services in the Asia-Pacific region. Over the past sixty years, oriented to this goal, we have kept moving forward and beyond, and today, we open a new chapter on the APAO’s history. I sincerely invite you all to join us in the APAO 2021 Virtual Congress!

Our new adventure is on, and I for one cannot wait. See you soon!

With my best regards,

Ningli Wang

Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As Chair of the Scientific Programme Committee for the 36th Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology Congress, our first-ever virtual congress, I am excited to welcome you to join us from the 5th to 11th September 2021.

The interactive format we utilize this year will allow for maximum international participation and the widest dissemination of world-class science. Mindful of the current global context, this year’s scientific programme features 18 sub-specialties with groups of experts presenting a broad range of highly interactive sessions. In addition to the examination of COVID-19-related ophthalmic disorders, other streams will address contemporary ophthalmology and visual science topics.

At the beginning of our seventh decade of providing comprehensive professional and scientific education, we aim to create a new engaging online experience with aspiring professionals, to bring you innovative insights and invaluable expertise.

We have been most fortunate to attract a highly dynamic team of world-recognized experts who have worked tirelessly to assemble a balanced, progressive programme which will capture your imagination, as well as offer great practical relevance to every ophthalmologist in each sub-specialty. I look forward to seeing you at the APAO-Virtual Congress 2021!

Charles McGhee
Scientific Programme Chair
APAO-Virtual Congress 2021

Dear Colleagues,

We welcome all participants to the 36th Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology (APAO) Congress that is planned to be held as a virtual meeting on September 5-11, 2021. As a supranational organization, APAO geographically covers more than half of the world’s population. Traversing a mosaic of cultures and languages, we admire Dr William John Holmes and the other founding board members, who’s vision founded the APAO in 1959.

We are certain the Founding Fathers of APAO would be very proud to see how this organization has grown and continues serves as an important platform to promote the prevention of blindness and restoration of sight through service, research, teaching and education in ophthalmology.

The APAO has had its share of challenges organizing this meeting facing the global impact of COVID-19. However, the need for continued education has not abated but rather increased. This Congress is an excellent example of the exchange of ophthalmic knowledge and the advancement of the standard of eye care.

We take this opportunity to congratulate the APAO for combatting preventable blindness by fostering closer relations among ophthalmologists and ophthalmological societies in the Asia-Pacific region, and in the world.

Welcome to the 36th Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology Congress of Ophthalmology!

Best regards,

Miguel N. Burnier Jr MD PhD
PAAO President